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Applies to all income properties

Commercial, multi-family, hotel, single-family. If it generates income, Valuate can analyze it.

Also applies to residential flips

Want to run numbers on a quick flip? Valuate can do this, too.

Works with ARGUS exports

Go from ARGUS Enterprise cash flow dump to Valuate sensitivity analysis seamlessly.

Shares easily in email and websites

Once you have the listing, share the financials in an elegant, interactive format.

Smart alerts

Easy enough for an intern to use. Let them model, we’ll alert you about potential oversights.

Sensitivity analysis

Sensitivity tables provide insights into the spectrum of opportunity in prospective deals.



Smart decisions through automated feedback

Fast comparison of properties and scenarios

Engaging presentation of analyses

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Valuate allowed me to have a key deal ready for investor presentation within 24 hours.
Paul J. Grainger, Vice PresidentIconic Real Estate Investments
Evaluating an investment property is common sense with Valuate.
Mike Vachani, PresidentProvenio Realty & Investment
Valuate is the ultimate deal screening tool. I wish I had it when I started my CRE career!
Ryan Crane, Vice PresidentKruger Real Estate
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As an investment sales broker, it is imperative that you enable a seamless underwriting process for the potential buyers of your listed properties. Every purchaser needs to understand your listed property and its financial underpinnings, but many lack the resources to do so efficiently and accurately. Individuals and investment firms alike often find themselves without the analytical horsepower to firmly grasp the returns that your client’s property will deliver, often passing on deals without truly underwriting them. Valuate is here to help.

Valuate is REFM’s web-based property transaction marketing and financial analysis platform that empowers investment sales brokers, with very little additional effort or time, to present transactions in a significantly more clear, compelling, and impressive manner. With the property information and financial projections plugged in our web-based platform, your buyers will be able to input assumptions, run scenarios, and quickly discover the version of your listed property they find the most attractive. Not only will they more efficiently understand the returns of a property, but they will also be able to easily share the Valuate link with their colleagues and partners.

Not only will your buyers be more engaged, your clients and soon-to-be-clients will be impressed in meetings and pitches. Valuate provides an excellent platform to provide real-time scenario analysis while pitching new clients or updating existing ones. No more keeping track of emails laden with multiple versions of Excel and ARGUS files to make sure the correct scenario is up on the screen for a client meeting.

While commercial real estate continues to lag in the adoption of new technologies, Valuate is on its way to becoming the ultimate listings complement, and major property buyers are starting to tell their brokers to “Valuate it” and share deal financial analyses with them through our web-based platform, in additional to more traditional OM and ARGUS file distribution. Using Valuate can lead to more frequent, larger listings, better prospect engagement, and an increased number of purchase offers.

Everything related to investment sales property financial analysis and marketing used to be done in hard copy, by snail mail, and by hand with pencil and paper — the marketing communications, the offering memorandum (OM) itself, the deal room, and financial analysis.

Over time, the business graduated to an electronic and digital format, where confidentiality agreements were transmitted by fax, and the offering memorandum was made available in a PDF file in addition to being disseminated in hard copy, the deal room moved to a CD-ROM disc, and financial analysis moved onto Lotus and Excel.

The last major transition has made everything digital, where marketing communications are sent out via blast email, the OM is almost exclusively in PDF, which the prospect prints, and the deal room now sits in the cloud. Financial analysis has come to include ARGUS in addition to Excel, and Lotus has disappeared.

Today, Valuate has arrived to bring your buyers into the online world with their analysis. Our platform allows easy financial input, scenario manipulation, and an attractive property information dashboard. As a web-based product, individual Valuate pages can be saved and shared with ease. Impress your clients and buyers alike with Valuate on your next listing.

While they may not express it, buyer prospects are frustrated with the financial analysis process. Their three biggest pains are that it takes too long to run and rerun analyses, they make too many mistakes and omissions, and it’s hard for them to keep track of the different versions of files, and which was shared with whom internally and externally. This all creates stress and leads to wasted time and energy for buyer prospects, and as we all know, time kills deals.

Providing a transaction financial analysis to buyer prospects in Valuate allows them to work faster, avoid mistakes and omissions, and track files and collaborate with their partners more easily. It serves as the ultimate deal-screening tool for them, giving them pro-forma precision at back of the envelope speed, on all bases: unlevered, levered and joint venture.

Valuate can be leveraged easily even by brokers without dedicated financial analyst support. But regardless of your level of back office assistance, Valuate raises your level of analysis and presentation significantly and positions you for success. Imagine buyer prospects looking forward to getting a deal from you over email instead of dreading all of the work that it will take just to see if it’s the right fit for them.

Valuate helps buyer prospects out with the second half of the financial analysis process, which is taking an existing property-level operating cash flow projection, and applying purchase, sale, debt and equity and JV mechanics – the elements of property analysis which drive most purchase decisions. In the case of financial analyses of acquisition and disposition of existing retail, industrial and office properties, it replaces the use of Excel, acting as a companion to ARGUS. In the case of multi-family, hotel and self-storage properties, it replaces the use of Excel for the second half of the analysis.

Providing transaction analyses to buyer prospects in Valuate is a level of client service that is far above and beyond what has been done traditionally. Buyer prospects will notice that.

The Dashboard screen illustrates Valuate’s clean, crisp, polished presentation, which is well-labeled and very intuitive to navigate. The Dashboard screen is a hybrid input and reporting screen, and provides the perfect Executive Summary view of the transaction for buyer prospects.

What’s convenient and productivity-enhancing to buyer prospects is that key transaction analysis inputs are editable right on the Dashboard, so buyers who don’t want to go anywhere else in the application don’t have to — they can manipulate 80% of the deal drivers from this single screen and see the investment returns key performance indicators adjust in real time. Valuate allows you to provide this luxury to buyer prospects.

The biggest time-saver and best part for buyer prospects is that no matter what the unique collection of line items you present in your analysis or what the buyer modifies, Valuate accepts them all and finds the subtotal lines automatically — there is no reconciliation or vetting of totals needed. This is a huge step forward from spending 15 minutes carefully checking to make sure that each line item was mapped properly to an Excel file, and then validating manually that all of the subtotals and totals tie. This same copying and pasting works when sourcing the cash flows directly from the ARGUS property level report screen. Should manual adjustments to specific numbers or labeling be needed once in the program, Valuate allows that too.

Additionally, Valuate has intelligent data validation warnings that will automatically alert the buyer when they are doing something (or failing to do something) that doesn’t make sense in the context of the analysis.

Giving this rapid, sophisticated analysis capability to prospective buyers is a huge competitive advantage to sellers and brokers for the superior client experience that it provides.

Valuate also brings gains to collaboration and prospect engagement. Once you have a file that you are ready to present, you simply click the share button, and a separate private copy of the file will be generated for you to share internally and externally. Each recipient of a shared file can then log in and manipulate inputs individually and privately, all without impacting your copy of the file. This can be done while on the phone with one another or through a screen share, reducing all of the back and forth and helping to compress the timeline of a discussion or a negotiation.

Your listings and buyer prospects can actually do almost everything in Valuate right from their phone or tablet while in a taxi or waiting for the subway. The time that Valuate frees up by allowing this access from mobile devices is significant.

For brokerage teams, white-label private server implementations are also available, where the color scheme of the application interface is customized to your company’s brand guidelines, and where a full set of prospect behavior analytics is available. Imagine as a brokerage being able to see which buyer prospects have logged into the file, how many times, and the length of each login.

Instead of having to guess blindly who is truly interested in a deal, you will have the edge of being able to view this file access reporting, which helps you spend your time and energy following up with those who are most likely to end up in the best and final round.